With the new limit on workplace flexibility, is the nine-to-five office dead at the end of the workday?

A woman in a black and white shirt at a kitchen table at home with her computer open talking on the phone

Within the depths of the COVID lockdown over the previous few years, a quiet revolution has been gaining momentum.

Working from residence has gone from an idea that staff used to should battle for, to at least one that has develop into so pervasive that it even has its personal acronym: WFH.

Similar to that, generations of workplace tradition have been turned the wrong way up and, as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted, a hybrid work mannequin that blends workplace days with WFH days has develop into the brand new regular for a lot of Australians.

Greater than 50 % of staff surveyed a new study They stated they’d reasonably give up than take a job that requires them to be in a full-time workplace, and it is now widespread for a hybrid working mannequin to be supplied as a method to appeal to workers.

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