Google Adverts API model 14.1 rolls out

Google Adverts API model 14.1 is now obtainable – two months after model 14 was launched.

The minor replace consists of further search time period knowledge, new suggestion sorts and account administration help.

Why we care. The up to date model of Google Adverts gives a variety of latest instruments and options that will help you higher monitor the efficiency of campaigns, so to make knowledge led resolution to enhance optimization effectivity.

Improve wanted. With a view to use a few of the new Google Adverts API model 14.1 options, you will have to improve your shopper libraries and shopper code. The up to date shopper libraries and code examples are set to be revealed by Google subsequent week.

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New options. Though there are not any breaking modifications, there are a number of new options obtainable by means of the up to date Google Adverts system:

Account Administration Buyer.customer_agreement_setting which reveals if the shopper has accepted the lead type time period of service

Property New fields in AssetGroup to point out whether or not the asset group is serving or the the explanation why it isn’t serving: primary_status and primary_status_reasons New fields in AssetGroupAsset to point out whether or not the asset group asset is serving or the the explanation why it isn’t serving: primary_status, primary_status_details and primary_status_reasons New values within the CallToActionType enum: BUY_NOW, DONATE_NOW, ORDER_NOW, PLAY_NOW, SEE_MORE, START_NOW, VISIT_SITE and WATCH_NOW New values within the AssetLinkError enum: CUSTOMER_NOT_VERIFIED, UNSUPPORTED_CALL_TO_ACTION and PAGE_FEED_INVALID_LABEL_TEXT

Billing New fields in Bill and AccountSummary: export_charge_subtotal_amount_micros, export_charge_tax_amount_micros and export_charge_total_amount_micros

Campaigns New values within the CampaignPrimaryStatusReason enum: HAS_ASSET_GROUPS_DISAPPROVED, HAS_ASSET_GROUPS_LIMITED_BY_POLICY and MOST_ASSET_GROUPS_UNDER_REVIEW (Allowlisted accounts solely) DiscoveryCampaignSettings with upgraded_targeting: When upgraded_targeting is about to true, you possibly can add a location and a language as an advert group criterion

Standards New enum worth: CriterionError.INVALID_DETAILED_DEMOGRAPHIC (Allowlisted accounts solely) Help for including LanguageInfo and LocationInfo as an AdGroupCriterion: That is obtainable just for a Discovery marketing campaign with upgraded focusing on enabled


Suggestions PerformanceMaxOptInRecommendation which recommends creating the primary Efficiency Max marketing campaign within the account ImprovePerformanceMaxAdStrengthRecommendation which recommends enhancing the asset group’s energy of a Efficiency Max marketing campaign MigrateDynamicSearchAdsCampaignToPerformanceMaxRecommendation which recommends migrating a Dynamic Search Advert marketing campaign to Efficiency Max

Reporting New metrics and segments about new versus returning prospects: metrics.new_customer_lifetime_value, metrics.all_new_customer_lifetime_value and segments.new_versus_returning_customers New customer_search_term_insight and campaign_search_term_insight views: metrics.search_volume reveals the amount vary for a search time period perception class

Purchasing New fields for itemizing teams: ListingGroupInfo.path and AssetGroupListingGroupFilter.path New area: ShoppingSetting.advertising_partner_ids New values within the CampaignError enum: NOT_LINKED_ADVERTISING_PARTNER and INVALID_NUMBER_OF_ADVERTISING_PARTNER_IDS

Movies (Allowlisted accounts solely) AdType.DISCOVERY_VIDEO_RESPONSIVE_AD and its corresponding DiscoveryVideoResponsiveAdInfo

Deep dive. Learn the Google Adverts API model 14.1 announcement in full for extra data.